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Residential landscaping is the practice and art of upgrading the aesthetic appeal and appearance of home outdoor space.  The landscape is usually inviting and welcoming because of the positive impression of the home and its environs.

Residential landscaping is the conscious plan of your outdoor space designed for your satisfaction and enjoyment.  A well-designed residential landscape is aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Landscape installation is applicable to your yard and creates your outdoor living space for barbeque area, patio, entertaining spot, entertaining, screening wall, new walk, etc.

To fulfill your family wants and needs and contribute to the positive growth of your home, you should follow six basic steps: developing a plan, conducting site analysis, identifying your family needs, locating your family use areas, identifying family and public use areas, design, building and planting.

You should understand your home's environment and select the plants that will do well on your outdoor space.  Get the best and licensed landscapers in Officer today!

Features and Benefits

  • A well installed and maintained residential landscaping increase property value especially during sale.
  • Residential landscaping creates conducive outdoor environment for relaxing and entertaining.
  • Plants on the home compound provide fresh air.
  • Provides an aesthetic appeal which is welcoming and inviting.
  • The plants and landscape or retaining walls prevent soil erosion.
  • All season residential landscaping thrives in all seasons of the year which include summer, winter, spring and autumn.
  • Residential requires less maintenance resources such as herbicides and fertilizers.  Mulch organic matters acts as a fertilizer when they decompose and also hold back the weed to the ground hence suffocates weed.

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